School Progress Reports

Pupil Progress Reports

At the end of each term we report about the whole child, including how your child is as a learner and social development, and as important their progress in reading, writing and maths. While also sharing information about what has been learnt in the enquiry topics covered during the term.

The progress report our given to parents/carers at the termly learning conferences, where the children tell their parents about their progress and the school reports are shared. The teacher is able to discuss progress and what parents can do at home to help their child/ren to further develop.

Children in Year Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We provide a detailed written report on all the areas of learning in this curriculum at the end of the academic year with a ‘snapshot’ progress graph and information at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms.

If you have any queries about how to support your child’s learning at home, you can make an appointment to see your class teacher at any point in the school year.

School Report Information to help read the report