Class Ambassadors

What are Class Ambassadors?

  • they are role models within our school who are keen to promote our school values and ethos of Togetherness.
  • they share a love and enthusiasm for our school, our community and the wider world.
  • they really care about promoting equality and diversity.
  • they really care about the well-being of the children in our school.
  • they believe listening to one another is extremely important in moving the school and wider projects forward.
  • they act as a liaison between the school staff and the pupils in their class.
  • they take on specific roles each term.

Who can be a Class Ambassador?

The role is open to all children in the class who feel they would like to apply. In order to become a Class Ambassador, the children go through an application process which includes writing a letter of application and a short interview. Each class chooses two Class Ambassadors.

It is a real achievement to be chosen to represent the school as a Class Ambassador and we feel that this role enables children to develop and demonstrate their leadership qualities.

What are the projects like?

Each class has to lead a termly project focused on either a school, community or global based topic.


Here are two examples:

As part of their Brazil Topic, Green Class decided to adopt a Jaguar using the WWF website! They baked biscuits and cakes and sold them to their friends and parents to raise the funds!

Green Ambassador

Blue Class organised a Christmas Games afternoon for the other classes in school to enjoy! Each stall charged just 20p a turn and they raised an amazing £177 in total! All of their proceeds were donated to the PTA!

Blue Ambassador