Learning Support

Special Needs

At Thurton CE Primary we have a friendly and experienced team that support those that need a little extra help and/ or an extra challenge. Our Special Needs Team is led by Mrs Scorey and a group of specifically trained learning support assistants. These learning assistants work within specific year groups and also run specific short focused group and individual programs to ensure specific gaps in knowledge are closed.

The teaching staff meet half termly to discuss progress of children and specific learning programs, to ensure that children are achieving their potential.

The school works closely with a number of outside agencies.

Talented, Able and Gifted

We feel that every child in our care is able in at least one area. As a small school, the children have the benefit of having their teachers for two years in three of the four classes. The teachers become very aware when children are talented, able and on the rare occasion gifted.

In every lesson our children are challenged to reach their full potential and to strive beyond it but for those with a particular gift and talent there are plenty of opportunities within the curriculum and through extra curricular activites for them to excel. If you would like to find out more about our TAG team please come and see the class teacher in the first instance or Mrs Scorey.

Pastoral Support

As we are a primary school our children build up strong relationships with their teachers each year and have key adults they can approach if they have concerns, worries or issues that need resolving.  Within each class teachers have many ways to help children access this support, for example, worry boxes.   We also have specially trained learning assistants who can help vulnerable children or those going through temporary or long term emotional turmoil.

For more information on any of the areas mentioned above please contact:

Deputy headteacher & Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs Scorey

Headteacher: Mr Barber