Science at Thurton

Science is taught through enquiry led learning and is incorporated into the class topic. The school coverage of science is in accordance with the National Curriculum. We recognise that science is a huge part of daily life and value it as a core subject. Therefore, we aim to teach pupils essential aspects of scientific knowledge, methods and processes.

Science in the classroom

We believe that through enquiry learning children have a purpose for learning. The enquiry process is differentiated throughout the school to suit the needs and abilities of all the children.

In Reception and Key Stage 1 the teaching of science is very practical but aspects of the process and findings will still be recorded. For example, when the children were learning about farming they grew their own runner beans, to develop their understanding of what plants need to grow. In Key Stage 2 the children are given a practical problem they need to solve. The teacher will then teach them a set of skills which will allow them to investigate and develop an answer.