Music is a huge part of our lives at Thurton Primary School. Throughout the school, music and singing are regularly used for both enjoyment and educational purposes. Children use singing to learn and retain all sorts of information, ranging from numbers and days of the week to continents, oceans and the water cycle, as well as singing just for fun!

We have fortnightly singing assemblies as part of our Collective Worship where children are able to engage both in a musical aspect and also a worship and faith aspect. We sing on the alternate weeks as part of our Open the Book assemblies, using the songs we have learnt in our singing assemblies and we also often share the songs we have learnt as part of our Christian celebrations when we go to church throughout the year!


Another of the main ways that all children at Thurton get a chance to use their voices and perform are the plays we put on at Christmas. These plays always involve a variety of musical styles and the children have great fun learning, performing and dancing to these songs! Our plays are always a big hit with our audiences!

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Miss Jackson, who leads the singing assemblies, also runs the school choir. The choir meet together each week and sing a range of modern songs, often chosen by the children. They love performing at any chance they get and last year they performed in Norwich Cathedral with two other schools as part of a music concert!


Throughout the school, each class follows the music national curriculum and includes it as part of their topics. Examples of this include a topic on samba music in Green Class, in which the children listen to and recreate Brazilian carnival music with a focus on recall and rhythm, and a topic on war time songs in Blue Class, where children listen to songs from the Second World War and go on to compose their own songs in a similar style.

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Individual music lessons

We are lucky enough to have two brilliant peripatetic music teachers that come to school and offer private music lessons for those who would like to take their music learning further.

Lauren is a classically trained music teacher who offers lessons in recorder, flute, clarinet, piano and a range of other musical instruments.

Adam drives The Bandwagon – the ‘mobile music classroom from the future’, and offers lessons in acoustic, electric and bass guitar, ukulele, singing, keyboard and drums.

The children who have these lessons enjoy giving us regular performances and we love to encourage them in their musical gifts and achievements!

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