Children at Thurton are encouraged to be curious about the world around them, ranging from places that are local to places that are on the other side of the world! They learn about physical features around the world; changes in weather, oceans, rivers, volcanos, rainforests and deserts, as well as learning about human features in a variety of different countries. Children also have to opportunity to compare and contrast our country with many others around the world, developing in them an understanding, interest and acceptance of people living in other countries and cultures.

Part of our geography learning also includes map work. This begins in Key Stage 1, where children draw maps of their local area and design maps for their own theme parks, and continues throughout Key Stage 2. In Green Class (3/4), children develop a much deeper understanding of maps and the globe, even beginning to use latitude and longitude coordinates to find countries on maps, and in Blue Class (5/6), children draw and make maps as part of their Island Project.

By the time children leave Thurton Primary School, they will have a good understanding of the geographical and human features of our own British Isles, as well as knowledge about a number of other countries and continents. It is our hope that our children will have a great relationship with the world around them and that we will have played a part in inspiring them to go out and explore the world for themselves!

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