Physical Education

At Thurton we believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve in areas where they have ability, especially sports. Through the teaching of our Christian values, our children learn about humility and perseverance. Competitive sport gives them many opportunities where they will have to express this by either winning or learning from not winning. As a school we know that by experiencing the highs and lows of competitive sports, children are able to apply these feelings to their whole life chances – with the aspiration of creating higher flying and more risk taking adults.Thurton has good sports facilities, including a large hall, a 5 a side pitch and a Netball Court. Whenever sporting opportunities present themselves for the children within our school, we participate within the framework of staffing. Sometimes this is within school time, sometimes after.
The school has been very successful over a number of years in sporting endeavours. Sports at Thurton is of a high quality and we have many opportunities to play against other schools throughout the year, which we regularly do very well and often represent our area at South Norfolk and Norfolk level. One of the main reasons why our little school does so well in sport is because the sports coaches we have in school to teach key skills before the children compete. These coaches include a national gymnastics coach, a former international rugby union player turned coach and a county cricket coach. The Sports Premium is further enhacing the Olympic legacy for the chidlren in our school – we do well becauce the children believe in themselves as athletes.

The children gain skills they need for these competitions at school, apply them at competition level and learn what it is like to win and not to win. Key skills for their lives. All pupils have the opportunity to work with two qualified coaches including coaches who are national gymnastics, dance and multi skills from Community Sports (through Norwich football club).

  • Term 1 – Dance and Games (all children)
  • Term 2 – Gymnastics and Games (all children)
  • Term 3 – Swimming (Y3 & other children who can’t swim 25m), Cricket (Y4, 5 and 6), Gymnastics (R,1,2) and Athletics/Games (all children)

PE Thurton_Primary_-_Mondays – CSF curriculum overview

PE Thurton_Primary Fridays – CSF curriculum overview

” As a partner school we work alongside the staff of the school to develop, enhance, and assure the quality of the partnership we have with you whilst working towards our aim of increasing levels of participation, progression and attainment amongst your pupils. CSF provides you with further opportunities to offer a high quality Physical Education and School Sport experience for your pupils.” Community Sports Foundation.

Sportasaurus Star of the Week reward programme to help reward pupils in different areas from our curriculum based delivery. The Sportasaurus star of the week contains a soft Sportasaurs toy and a diary to help reflect on the impact of sport away from the school setting. Each week the winner receives the Sportasaurus and the diary and take home to write about and show them participating in sport outside of school. This has helped make the CSF provision even more cross curricular by the pupils and parents writing / using media such as photos to bring the diary to life. The CSF staff will be working to decide which pupil they feel would deserve the reward. The school presents the award at the Friday celebration assembly.

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