Art and design

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Throughout the school the children learn about a wide range of techniques for Art and D.T. linked to the National Curriculum.

To celebrate art and design in the school the PTA held an art show – PTA Art Show

A taste of what we learn about:


They have learnt about art by Jackson Pollock and created a large and colourful piece of artwork together using his style of painting.

Cooking – the children cook nearly every week.

Design process – the class both indoors and outdoors is set up to support children completing a design process linked to their learning.

Year 1/2

Explore with different styles of painting, including creating art using water colour based on the ‘The Icebergs’ by artist Fredrick Church.

Year 3/4

Linked to the learning about Rainforests and as part of this, they created some rainforest drawings in the style of Henri Rousseau. They have also designed their own shopping bags using batik and then evaluated them.

Using blocks of colour and shape, the children created their own pieces of art in the style of John Brunsdon.

Using design processes – the children created Roman chariots, sewed to make their own versions of the Window by Jeannie Baker, created light sources, made a moving Loch Ness Monster.

Year 5/6

Using the sketch books to practise drawing techniques as much as possible. They created their own self portraits and really focused on drawing the different features of their face in their sketch books.

Using the design process – the children made buildings for their town on the Island, items that would be useful during WWII, and many more.