At Thurton assessing the children’s learning is an integral part of every lesson.  We have a variety of methods we use to monitor and ensure progress is occurring.

We have been working very closely as a school to implement innovative assessment strategies in every lesson.

At Thurton we use a consistent feedback approach across the school when marking work, with children having the opportunity to communicate through the marking to ensure the most progress for them.  Please have a look at our Marking Guide to understand how your child’s work will be marked.  Children are also expected to use a traffic light marking colours system in school at all times for reflective comments on their progress and that of their peers.

Reports are written termly and given out at learning consultations where parents can see the progress or how to help their children to ensure that they make good progress.

SATs results have been published nationally. Comparing the percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths Thurton has been in the top 20 schools in Norfolk for the last three years and also published in the Times list for top primary schools in the country for the same time frame. We are very proud of our results which are consistently above national averages.