Role of the Head teacher and Governors

The partnership in practice – who does what?


Headteacher (HT)

Governing body (GB)

Overall responsibilities Runs the school on a daily basis

Advises governors

HT is the main influence on GB’s decisions

Determines the aims, ethos and priorities of the school

Critical friend

Delegates to the head the power to run the school

Planning and policy making HT or senior leadership team (SLT) does the nitty-gritty work of formulating the plan

Drafts the detailed action plans

Involved in planning discussions and decisions through its committees

Agrees the final school improvement plan (SIP)

Ratifies whole school policies

Curriculum Supplies the information and advice and basically produces the curriculum plan Determines curricular policy and agrees the curriculum
Staffing Draws up the initial staffing plan based on the school’s needs Decides the complement of staff

Decides what proportion of the overall budget should be spent on staff

Appointments Manages the appointment process, e.g. draws up job descriptions, organises the day in school and timetable for Has responsibility for managing appointments

In maintained schools the GB is the employer

GB should work within the agreed criteria

Finance Produces the budget headings

Manages the school’s spending

GB is responsible for approving and monitoring the budget

GB monitors the school’s financial management

Salaries Interprets the regulations for the governors Determines salary levels for all members of staff

Ratifies the statutory pay policy

Personnel Day to day management of staff GB deals with personnel issues