Governor Visits Policy


We value the role of governors in assisting with monitoring and evaluation of the school’s work and in the role of critical friend, to help both identify, and monitor progress towards, improving the quality of teaching and learning. In order to do this effectively, and to have a good understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses, there needs to be clear protocols and procedures which are understood and followed by all.

Benefits to governors:

  • To know the school’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To better understand the curriculum
  • To understand the school’s day to day life
  • To recognise and celebrate success
  • To inform decision making
  • To see inclusion at first hand

Benefits to teachers:

  • To foster mutual respect and a greater understanding of the governors’ roles and responsibilities
  • To be supported by the governors
  • To have budget needs identified
  • To receive expertise from people in different walks of life
  • To understand a ‘lay person’s’ view of teaching and learning

Ways of monitoring and evaluating

  • Talking to children
  • Looking at assessment data
  • Looking at planning overviews
  • Looking at policies
  • Observing what is happening including, for example, pupils’ work on walls and the behaviour of pupils
  • Learning walks

Agreed protocols

  • Priorities will be identified in the School Development Plan and a termly focus for evaluation will be made explicit
  • A planning meeting will be held in advance of the evaluation visit. This will clarify exactly what will happen during the visit, what sources of evidence will be used, which governors are where, whether governors will talk to children and if so, the questions they will ask.
  • A further meeting will be held to evaluate the evidence collected and to identify areas for development.

In addition:

  • Governors should arrive on time, but not excessively early!
  • If unable to fulfil the commitment, governors should let the school know
  • The teacher will introduce governors to children
  • Governors will complete the agreed proforma

Evaluation, together with areas for development, will form the basis of the second termly governors’ meeting, the main focus of which will be the School Development Plan and improving teaching and learning.