Communication Agreement

Following discussions parents/carers and staff at Thurton Primary School developed this Agreement.

Our Communication Agreement tells us all how information should be shared between home and school so that classes run smoothly and issues are dealt with appropriately and effectively. This has come about because we want everybody to feel respected, valued and safe.

Via the Office

  • Requests for appointments with class teacher
  • Medication
  • Childcare arrangements – collection from school
  • Details of medical/dental appointments

Direct to class teacher 

  • Immediate/urgent family issues, for instance a bereavement, break-up or an emotional issue that may affect your child that day
  • Home school books are to include information about specific concerns or something great that has happened, but these are to be kept brief.


  • The Headteacher should be informed of any situation where a child may be at risk of significant harm or potential child protection issue
  • If you need to speak to the Headteacher, an appointment should be made with the school secretary.  The Complaints Policy outlines procedures for parents/carers to follow should they have a grievance

Letters/notes for attention of class teacher

  • Children should put general communication eg dinner money, trip money, holiday forms etc in the boxes in their classroom at the beginning of the school day

All parents/carers, staff and children should feel safe and welcome to come onto the school grounds.

If you experience or witness anti-social behaviour, please tell the Headteacher immediately. This would not be what would be expected of behaviour of either children or parents at Thurton Church of England VC Primary School.

Issues outside of school or in the community should be brought to the attention of the Norfolk Constabulary: