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Ofsted Outstanding 2015

Ofsted 2015 – Outstanding   SIAMS 2016 – Outstanding

Ofsted Report March 2015

I am sure you will be as proud as we all are that the school has been graded as outstanding in every area. The staff at the school are delighted that Ofsted recognised their sustained dedication and hard work to ensure that the children in this community gain the best possible education. We feel it is important to recognise that very few schools in Britain are graded outstanding, even fewer in all areas, especially under this new framework.

The Thurton school governors, would also like to congratulate the staff, students and everyone connected to our school. The governors are delighted that the dedication, professionalism, hard work and enthusiasm of the staff has been recognised by Ofsted. They feel this is testament to the quality of education provided at Thurton Church of England School.

The staff and governors would like to thank the school community for the continued support to ensure that Thurton was able to become the best school it could be at this time: we aim to be even better!

Press release March 2015

Thurton is an outstanding school, where: “not only does the school nurture pupils’ intellect and academic prowess; the outstanding teaching also develops the whole child through sport, visual and performing arts, design technology and cooking food.”

Mrs Williams said: “The staff and governors are proud and humbled to be graded as outstanding in every area, but also told by the Ofsted inspectors that the school had met every single part of the outstanding judgement in the Ofsted framework. This is a truly special place!” She was particularly pleased that the school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure was judged to be outstanding. The inspectors spent a long time looking at safeguarding and during the inspection, the school was told that the work of safeguarding practices, including monitoring behaviour of pupils, risk assessments and ESafety was exemplary.

The governors of Thurton Primary were pleased that the Headteacher Mrs Cassandra Williams, who is ably supported by the assistant headteacher Mr Jonathan Barber, were recognised to have created a culture and ethos that is outstanding in the way that it focuses relentlessly on teaching and learning and strives for excellence now and the future. Being able to develop a ‘Team Thurton’ spirit where staff and pupils work together harmoniously. Where everyone is immersed in a ‘can-do culture’, where nothing is seen by pupils or teaching staff as a potential barrier to successful learning. As part of the outstanding leadership and management, the governors were praised for fulfilling their core responsibility and statutory duties very effectively.

The inspectors said that “the broad, balanced and superbly enriched curriculum is outstanding in promoting effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and provides valuable opportunities for pupils to experience life beyond Thurton, including a residential to London. This ensures that pupils not only appreciate and understand fundamental British values – they live by them and develop an excellent understanding about life in modern Britain.”

In her report, the inspector Linda Killman stated: “Well judged and often inspiring teaching methods and approaches promote pupils’ exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. Pupils love to learn.”

The school was particularly proud that the behaviour of the pupils was judged to be outstanding. The inspectors found them to be “polite, well-mannered, respectful and extremely keen to talk to inspectors about their work and school life generally. They are exceedingly confident young people but at the same time they demonstrate humility and celebrate their own and each other’s achievements with equal pride. The children live up to their value statement of doing my best, being my best and trying my best.” Mrs Killman was particularly impressed as the children show resilience in learning and are unafraid to make mistakes because they know they will learn from them.

Mrs Killman wrote in her report: “At the start of each day children come into school smiling with a spring in their step because they enjoy it so much.”

The local authority describe this outstanding school as ‘inward looking and outward facing’.

The parents are thrilled as well, and many have told the staff that they weren’t really surprised as Thurton Primary is such a lovely place to come; one parent mentioning their child was disappointed that holidays were coming because they couldn’t come to school.

The staff and governors would like to thank the school community for the continued support to ensure that Thurton was able to become the best school it could be at this time: we aim to be even better!


pv_jigsaw_sqIf you are a current Parent or Carer of a child/ren at Thurton Primary School and would like to tell Ofsted how well you think we are doing, please click on the Parent View picture and complete the questionnaire. We have computers available at all learning conferences to help complete the questionnaire at school as well.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools – Thurton SIAMS Report July 2016

We are very proud to be judged as an OUTSTANDING Church School in every area and believe that our drive to ensure that our children have a really good understanding of themselves and the people around them whatever religion they are ensures that the children have a really good understanding of their and others spirituality.

“The school aim of ‘Enjoy, Achieve and Believe’ is explained by children as fun learning, try and do your best and believe in yourself and in faith. Pupils readily talk about how this is what school means to them. Parents and governors talk about the impact on children and how school supports the whole child. They feel the values in school equip the children for life. Parents appreciate the inclusive nature of the school and that the values are a part of everyday life “without making a big deal.”  Children joining are welcomed, accepted and included. Children support each other. The ‘Golden Comments’ in the reflection space in the corridor show how the values are embedded. Thanking for help, saying sorry, being a good friend are examples. Relationships in school are excellent and lead to above national attendance and no exclusions. Standards are at or above national for all groups of pupils. 2016 results at Y6 are higher than national.”

Other awards

July 2018 – PE Schools Silver Games Award

July 2017 – PE Schools Silver Games Award

July 2016 – Norfolk Innovation Awards – Most Inspiring School Teacher – Jonathan Barber

September 2015 – Bronze Physical Education Award

February 2015- Bronze Learning Outside the Classroom Award

2015 – Parliament House of Commons Award for School Councils

2014 – Parliament chose our school to design a flag for South Norfolk as part of a national competition (one school in every parliamentary area) – highly commended

November 2014 – Gold Religious Education Award

September 2014 – Bronze Physical Education Award

July 2012 – Silver Religious Education Award

July 2012 – Let’s Get Cooking Award

October 2011 – Campaign to Protect Rural England – Best new playground award

October 2011 – South Norfolk District Council Commendation for design of playground – special award for the children as designers.

Performance Tables – Our most recently published KS2 SATs results and performance data can be viewed on the education.gov.uk site along with additional data regarding Pupil Premium allocations/expenditure and staffing.