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Thurton Church of England Primary School is a half form entry primary school in South Norfolk, catering for children betwen the ages of four and eleven. We have space for 105 children, with a maximum of 30 children per class for Reception and KS1 (year 1 and 2) and try to keep our classes under 30 in years 3-6. We have four classes this year:

  • Reception / Year 1,
  • Year 2,
  • Year 3 / 4
  • Year 5 / 6.

Our building has lovely bright, large learning spaces which all have access directly onto the playground. We aim to create learning experiences for children that will foster creative thinkers and life long learners. At all times, the starting point for what happens within our school is all about what is best for the children within it.

Rigorous quality assurance processes and thorough ongoing training ensures that we provide a high standard of teaching with the large majority of teaching observed being outstanding, with the staff having the commitment that every child has the opportunity to make a successful start to their  education at the heart of what they do.

If you cannot find  all the information you require please do not hesitate to contact us and ask, we are here to help!

Thurton Primary school was opened in 1868 and was still partially housed in the original flint and brick building until 2008, when a new environmentally friendly building was built on the playing field.

The school is designated a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, which means that it was a Church of England Foundation School, but it now comes under the auspices of the Local Education Authority. Three of the governors are known as foundation governors and are appointed by the Diocese of Board of Education.

The school operates within a cluster of schools linked to Hobart High School, to which most of our children transfer at the age of eleven. We all work closely together wherever possible.

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