What to do if I have a query or concern?

If, as parents, you have any queries or concerns please come and see us at school. In the first instance please talk to your child’s class teacher, who will work with you to ensure that your query is resolved. If you need further assistance, please talk to Mrs Scorey. If you still have concerns after talking to the other members of staff, then please make an appointment to talk to Mr Barber. It is really important that you contact class teachers in the first instance, as they will have more information about the children they teach.

If your query is of a safeguarding nature, Mr Barber, Mrs Scorey and Miss Debeham are all trained as Senior Designated Professionals (SDP) for the school. However, all staff are trained yearly in the requirements for safeguarding. So any member of staff can help if a SDP isn’t available at school.

If a query is raised it is important that staff are given time to investigate fully, which includes talking to all children involved, this can sometimes take a more time than you would expect. As part of our communication policy, staff will get back to parents to let them know what is happening. This can be face to face, via a phone call, email or letter, depending what is appropriate for the staff at the time, including the time available of the member of staff. We look forward to working well with all the  children and parents within school this year.

You can also download the document below for further guidance:

What to do if I have a query