Operation Encompass

Thurton Church of England Primary School is signed up to take part and receive Operation Encompass Notifications.

Operation Encompass is a joint scheme between Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk Children’s Services where Schools are notified of any Domestic Abuse incident in the past 24 hours where Police have attended and children were present, witnessed or involved. The School will be notified of this incident if any children present attend their School so they can be aware and provide support to the children and families involved.

Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk Children’s Services Responsibility:

– To provide a spreadsheet of all domestic incidents where a child was present before 8am the following morning. – To establish the correct educational provider.

– To provide schools with enough information before 9am or as soon as possible thereafter so they are able to provide emotional support for children involved.

– To keep an accurate record of all calls made.

– To keep an accurate record of named Key Adults for each education provider.

School’s role:

Schools will make their designated Key Adult available to receive notifications before 9am or as soon as possible thereafter. This information must be recorded via a record of notification form, stored within the school’s child protection recording system and disseminated to the appropriate staff. School staff will then decide on the appropriate support the child requires, this could be silent or overt.

School’s responsibility:

  • To ensure there is a Key Adult and deputy within the school and that they have attended the appropriate briefing prior to receiving notifications. This must be someone who is a trained DSL with responsibly for safeguarding.
  • Ensure the Key Adult is available to receive the notification from Children’s Services staff each morning
  • To ensure they keep an accurate record of each notification and store it utilising the current process used to store child protection paperwork within the school.
  • To provide silent or overt support to child, following a notification.
  • To provide Children’s Services staff via email with an up to-date list of the Key Adults within their school and contact numbers and email addresses.

If you are not aware of Operation Encompass, then more information can be found about Operation Encompass via the National website https://www.operationencompass.org/.

Page updated 01.05.2019