Red Room – Year 2


Welcome to Red Class’s page! 

Red Class is home to Year 2 children, and is taught by Miss Chittock, and supported by the wonderful Mrs Pyburn.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is taught through exciting and engaging topics. Our topics are designed so that they are guided by the interests of the children but ensuring that key skills from the National curriculum are covered.

Here is a peek at what we have been learning so far this year!

Spring Term 2020 – Castles

Castles Topic Map – Spring 2020

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

We have been learning about the Artist Paul Klee this term and looked at one of this paintings – Castle and Sun. We learnt different skills needed to create our own such as; drawing around shapes accurately, using oil pastels, colouring inside the lines, blending, and using watercolours.

Here are some examples of our final pieces!

Growing our own beanstalks!

Linking with our literacy unit of “Twisted Fairy Tales”, we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of plants and how they grown. We have grown our own beanstalks and have been amazed at hoe quickly they have grown!

Dinosaur spotted on Thurton Playground!

This morning we got some exciting news that a dinosaur had been spotted on our playground! We watched the CCTV footage – which had made it onto the BBC News! After watching in shock, we went outside to look for evidence that the dinosaur had visited us…have a look at what we found!

Battle of Hastings!

We had great fund learning about the Battle of Hastings and how this led to the first Motte and Bailey castles being built in England. We enjoyed learning how the Battle happened and we even had a go a re-creating our own battle!

Reading and Phonics

Throughout the school we have a comprehensive school system to teach reading and phonics.

Home reading books are colour book banded and are linked to the sounds that the children learn during their phonics sessions. Phonics is taught daily throughout Reception and Key Stage 1 using the Letters and Sounds Framework. This framework supports children with reading, writing and spelling by segmenting and blending sounds. Children take home their own phonics book which allows them to practise the sound that they have learnt each day.

Please take a look at this clip to find out more about how to pronounce each letter sound –

We also use and during our Phonics sessions.

We hear the children read either individually or during guided reading sessions and also work on comprehension questions during reading sessions. We also promote a pleasure for reading by sharing a daily story and providing opportunities for children to read picture books independently.