Red Room – Year 2

Tudor Houses Homework! – We had great fun having our very own Great Fire of Thurton burning down the houses that we made for our homework!

IMG_8074 IMG_8068 IMG_8063 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8082

Re-telling the story of the Great Fire of London – We used blocks to retell the story of the Great Fire of London!

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Castle Homework – We had a homework gallery so we could see everyone’s awesome castle homework! We even invited Yellow Class to have a look and give them a sneak peak of what they will do when they come to Red Class!

IMG_6422 IMG_6420 IMG_6423 IMG_6408

Sewing a stitch on the Norwich Tapestry – We were so lucky to have Nik from Norwich Castle come to visit us and tell us all about the Norwich Castle Tapestry (which is based on the Bayeux Tapestry). She told us the story of the castle and then we each got to sew a couple of stitches onto the tapestry. We can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

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Making Castles! – Our topic this half-term is all about castles and why Norwich has a castle. We thought we’d better find out about different types of castles and then had a go at making some in the sand!

IMG_3284 IMG_3277 IMG_3289 IMG_3293 IMG_3292

Reading and Phonics

Throughout the school we have a comprehensive school system to teach reading and phonics.

Home reading books are colour book banded and are linked to the sounds that the children learn during their phonics sessions. Phonics is taught daily throughout Reception and Key Stage 1 using the Letters and Sounds Framework. This framework supports children with reading, writing and spelling by segmenting and blending sounds. Children take home their own phonics book which allows them to practise the sound that they have learnt each day.

Please take a look at this clip to find out more about how to pronounce each letter sound –

We also use and during our Phonics sessions.

We hear the children read either individually or during guided reading sessions and also work on comprehension questions during reading sessions. We also promote a pleasure for reading by sharing a daily story and providing opportunities for children to read picture books independently.