Yellow Room – Reception / Yr 1

In Yellow Class, we aim to create a child-centred approach to learning. We plan learning based on the children’s interests and therefore our topics can change or can be adapted based on the children. We recognise that during this stage, play is paramount to children’s development and often try to support children’s learning through play through our observations. Whilst also completing short, adult-focused activities.

Many of the children have been playing games related to vets and doctors, which is why during this term (Spring 2021) we have decided to learn about People Who Help Us. Take a look at our topic plan below.

Topic plan People who help us

During this term, the children have shown great interest in kites, autumn and potions! Take a look at the link below to see what we have been up to!

Topic plan Autumn term 2020


Reading and Phonics

In Yellow Class, we aim to provide a wide range of texts which inspire children and help to promote the joy of reading! Children are encouraged to take home picture books from our story corner to share with their families, as well as reading books based on their Phonics phase.

Below are a selection of books which we love to read throughout the school year!

We teach Phonics using Letters and Sounds alongside the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to support learning. Below is a range of Jolly Phonics songs to help the children to remember each of the sounds. Please see our Phonics page (under the Curriculum section) to find out more about how we teach Phonics.

Please take a look at this clip to find out more about how to pronounce each letter sound –


Space Day!

November 26th 2019

As part of our learning about our topic, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a Space day! During this day, we had a rocket workshop, where the children designed their own bottle rockets and launched them in the playground! We also had an inflatable planetarium in the school hall, where the children found out facts about the planets in our solar system and learnt about the first visit to the moon. Thank you to Dave’s Star Gazing Planetarium for coming to visit us!

Many thanks to the parents and the PTA for helping to fund this special day! Our day was ‘out of this world’!


Autumn 2019


Summer 2019