Yellow Room – Reception / Yr 1

Yellow Class is ready for a new year of learning!


Archive 2022-2023

Amazing Animals – We’ve had so much fun learning about all sorts of amazing animals and we have even had some special visitors!

IMG_9525 IMG_9531 IMG_9941 IMG_9971 IMG_9963 IMG_9965 IMG_9976 IMG_9993 IMG_9997 IMG_9999 IMG_0106 IMG_0085 IMG_0114 IMG_0091 IMG_0120

Phonics  We make sure we practise our phonics every day so we can be super readers and writers!

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Space Day! – As part of our space topic, we had a visit from the planetarium and learnt all about the different planets of the solar system! We also had great fun in the afternoon making a firing rockets. Thank you to the PTA for providing this super space experience for us!

IMG_9028 IMG_9030 IMG_9027 IMG_9043 IMG_9070 IMG_9055 IMG_9076 IMG_9072 IMG_9085 IMG_9084

Time to brush our teeth! – In our RHSE lessons, we learnt about the importance of keeping our teeth clean! We practised brushing our teeth – look how good we were!

IMG_8571 IMG_8591 IMG_8613

Chinese New Year! – Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Chinese New Year Learning Café – we had so much fun and we hope you did too!

IMG_8633 IMG_8656 IMG_8647 IMG_8644 IMG_8639 IMG_8636 IMG_8664 IMG_8679


Reception Forest School – This term, Reception have been enjoying Forest School on a Wednesday afternoon! Take a look at what we’ve been getting up toIMG_6963 IMG_7015  IMG_6972 IMG_7533  IMG_7013 IMG_7001 IMG_6994


Technology Around Us – We had a great time learning to log on to computers and practising our drawing and typing skills using an online paint program.

IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7468 IMG_7480 IMG_7461 IMG_7473


Police Man Visit – As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, we had an exciting visit from a local policeman! He talked to us all about his job, we got to see his police car and his special uniform and asked some of our own questions!

IMG_6691 IMG_6694 IMG_6715 IMG_6718 IMG_6705  IMG_6735 IMG_6713