Second World War Enquiry

Back in time to ’39

Throughout this term, the children have broadened their knowledge of how the war affected the lives of men, women and children. The topic began through reading the Michael Morpurgo book, ‘Friend or Foe’ and generating questions that the children wished to learn more about. We then undertook a ‘big art’ project where the children painted their portraits for a super display of a train carriage full of evacuees! Through this, more questions were generated and answers researched through enquiry based learning. The children also had the opportunity to learn through role play when we went on the evacuee adventure on the Poppy Line! In RE, the children answered the question: Why do Christians use symbolism to explain the concept of the Trinity? During this enquiry, the children also explored the use of the Hindu symbol, the Swastika.  In science, children developed their understanding of forces through designing parachutes; and light where they investigated periscopes and used mirrors to defeat a Secret Laser Weapon! When investigating the impact the war had on Norwich and the local area, the children heard wartime memories from members of our local community, which included an evacuee and a D-Day Veteran, who shared their experiences with us!

Home Learning:

Enquiry project to develop independent learning skills.

Home Learning Project

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