Darwin’s Discoveries

Enquiry:  Why is the world the way it is?

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Following in Darwin’s Footsteps

Year 5 and 6 follow in Darwin’s footsteps and learn about his early life, and his voyage of discovery to South America and the Galapagos Islands. The children develop their Science knowledge and understanding in the areas of investigating seeds, classification using keys, food chains, webs and interdependence and adaptations based on Darwin’s experience in the rain forest. Furthermore, they have learn about their heart and circulation and how to keep healthy. Our rainforest enquiry has enables the children to discover what life is like for the Caboclo people who live on the river banks of the Amazon and compare it with life here. Our RE is learning about the Baha’I Faith and their beliefs in Progressive Revelation when answering the question: Do all religions believe in the same God? In art and DT, the children learn about sculpture, creating a Bas Relief of a fossilised skeleton or an oversized bug!

Home Learning:

Enquiry project about an explorer of their choice. An information poster showing how an animal is adapted to a fictitious habitat. Produce a Taxonomy Chart.