D-Day 70th Anniversary

On Friday June 6th 2014, our class (Year 5/6) from Thurton Primary School attended the 70th anniversary Service in Norwich for the D-day invasion of the beaches of Normandy. Some Norfolk veterans were there with us, outside the St Peter Mancroft church, but others had gone to France where a similar service was going on at the same time.

After the service, we wrote some reflections about our experience:

I was chosen to lay the beautiful red wreath on the memorial box. Suddenly I was moving towards the stone steps. My arm was shaking. As I laid the wreath on the memorial I felt so proud to be there. Thank you to all the veterans and especially to Mr Wilson for inviting us.

Brooke age 10

Standing shoulder to shoulder, we stood proudly behind the brave veterans. Seeing the veterans that took part in D-day was very emotional because they gave their lives for our freedom and today would have been very different without them. After two minutes the flags went back up and the veterans had moist eyes as they thought of their friends that gave their tomorrows so we might have this day.It was an emotional day and I’m glad that they let us come to this wonderful event. I was honoured to be a part of it.

Lucy age 10

Finally the bagpiper’s cheeks faltered and an eerie silence fell over the veterans of D-day and the rest of the crowd that had gathered to watch the memorial service. For two minutes the silence went on, all heads around me were bowed as we thought about those brave soldiers who never returned home.

Louise 10

Sitting quietly, we saw the veterans stand tall, carrying their proud regiment standards. The light shone through the stain glass window and it made me feel very special, as if the angels of the fallen were looking upon us.

Emma 11

Cautiously we walked towards the smooth stone steps. As I reached the first step, all of the cameras turned on me and the veteran I was with. When I carefully laid the wreath, I thought of all of the brave soldiers that had fought in the war. I stepped down and bowed my head. I felt very proud to be part of the service.

Ryan age 11

After a while it was my turn to lay a wreath on the memorial. Fred, a veteran, picked me to do it with him. He was wearing his medals on his chest and a beret on his head with a little badge on it. As soon as I laid the wreath, I stood on the steps and bowed my head in respect for the veterans and the people who had died. It was very touching for me.

Luke P age 9

I really enjoyed going to the St Peter Mancroft church and seeing the brave men who fought in Normandy. I remember the veteran’s proud faces as they watched a few of our class members lay the wreaths.

Phoebe age 10

Leaving the reposeful church, I thought of how men’s friendships never cease. I felt so proud to be there that day.

Eden age 11