Blue Room – Year 5/6

We did some beautiful artwork with pastels to depict the London skyline during the Blitz. Aren’t they effective?! – Autumn 2019

blitz1 blitz2 blitz3 blitz4

The Ministry of Defence wrote to us to ask us to advise on how to make their parachutes. We carried out some experiments and wrote back to them with our findings! – Autumn 2019

para1 para2 para3 para4 para5 para6 para7


Blue Class had a fantastic day on our Poppy Line trip! We were evacuated on the train and had to shelter as we went past an unexploded bomb! When we got to Holt, we were put to work; cleaning shoes and windows, learning how to send messages in code and preparing food! It was such a fun trip but we weren’t too sure about the spam for lunch! – Autumn 2019

PL1 PL2 PL3 PL4 PL5 PL6 PL7 PL8 PL9 PL10 PL11 PL12 PL13 PL14 PL15 PL16 PL17 PL18 PL19


Year 6 buddies helping the new Receptions to collect and cut up their lunches. – Autumn 2019

Lunch0_LI Lunch3 Lunch5 Lunch4 Lunch1