Changing for PE Policy

At Thurton Primary School, children from Reception to Year 4 will change together in their classrooms with the teacher or Physical Education teacher, whoever is responsible for the class at the time to be within the class to help with any issues or problems. The staff member is to follow the Department for Education guidance at all times. Children in years 5/6 will get changed separately, with either the girls or boys (depending on the children) will get changed in the classroom and the disabled toilet.

When changing the children are to be given a time limit to ensure that they change quickly, this could be in the form of a game to see who can change quicker and the time is recorded to see if they are able to beat it each time. Reward could be given to groups of children for changing first eg girls, people wearing green jumpers.

Guidance on supervising pupils in changing rooms – Department guidance

The Department for Children, Schools and Families, now the DfE, published guidance on safer working practice for adults who work with children and young people in education settings.

Page 22 of the guidance addresses the issue of supervising changing rooms. It says:

There are occasions where there will be a need for an appropriate level of supervision in order to safeguard young people and/or satisfy health and safety considerations.

This supervision should be appropriate to the needs and age of the young people concerned and sensitive to the potential for embarrassment. 

This means that adults should:

  • Avoid any physical contact when children are in a state of undress
  • Avoid any visually intrusive behaviour
  • Announce their intention of entering changing rooms

This means that adults should not:

  • Change in the same place as children
  • Shower or bathe with children

Assist with any personal care task which a child or young person can undertake by themselves

Guidance for safer working practice for adults who work with children and young people in education settings, Children England